Pamela Kaye

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In search of a Master's degree, I stumbled upon Georgetown's Communication, Culture, and Technology program. In the last two years, I've really jived with digital strategy, social, and marketing, and I found that it really connected with things I already loved -- branding, transparency, advocacy, and UX. I inspired myself! I also love Amy Poehler.

What do you most want other women and young girls to know about being a woman in our digital culture?

You do you.

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The Women in Tech campaign exists to help redefine what women in technology means in the 21st century. Started independently by a group of professional women who, after many impassioned discussions about women in tech knew we wanted to expand this definition beyond 'traditional' technology skills. To us, it includes most every current, emerging or evolving role within an organization. By featuring leaders and emerging leaders across industries who embody this we hope to collectively 'stand up', be proud of our place in the digital world and inspire young women or those new to the 'tech space' to get involved.