Dr. A Monica Dorhoi

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Dr. A. Monica Dorhoi has worked for a long time in the international banking sector. In the last 7 years, Dr Dorhoi has also worked in the international banking industry on the riskiest loans and operations investing in technology adn startups. She is also one TOP Middle East banking experts with over 10 billion USD of investments.

At the World Bank, she was considered to have a PhD and 12 years of experience (PhD from Michigan State University, 2005). She is working on financing for climate change and working on billions of dollars for Wall Street on setting up screening mechanisms to include more environmental and social impacts in investments.

Dr Dorhoi is co-author of the World Bank Board on how the World Bank Group responds to crisis including during the last financial crisis called the 2012 Results and Performance: Annual Report of the World Bank Group.

In the last 3 years, she has been the Chair of the World Bank/IMF Meditation Club and has taught meditation classes and organized events inside and outside the bank for over 1,000 staff.

During the last Annual Meetings of the World Bank/IMF of 2012 to 2015, Ms. Monica Dorhoi and has led informally an assembly of central bankers and civil society representatives to continue to ask the questions and request answers from the World Bank and IMF. She continues to guide the process of reforms by providing constant input to lawmakers on Capitol Hill and G-6 countries.

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