Melissa Springer

Tell us your story.

My background is in IT strategy. I got most of my experience during my time in the federal contracting space. I also learned about information management systems as it was my concentration for my MBA. Most of my training in technology was on the job, being thrown into learning situations by great mentors and managers during my time at Booz Allen. I've always been one of the only women in the room throughout most of my positions in the digital space. I remember during almost every professional conference I would go to I would meet all the women in attendance in the ladies room because there were only five of us.

My first job out of college was first "introduction into tech" in a direct marketing position in a Corporate Social Responsibility office. I was the youngest person on staff by quite a few years and ended up taking on responsibilities related to technology. I had to become an expert for the company very quickly. Personally, I was interested in building out new technology and have always been an early adopter. I love to take risks professionally. I think taking risks is part of this industry.

What do you most want other women and young girls to know about being a woman in our digital culture?

Regardless of gender, I have always found that people really do want to help. No one likes to say 'no'. So don't be afraid to ask for help or opportunities. You may just be surprised that people are willing to go out on a limb to help.

The Women in Tech campaign exists to help redefine what women in technology means in the 21st century. Started independently by a group of professional women who, after many impassioned discussions about women in tech knew we wanted to expand this definition beyond 'traditional' technology skills. To us, it includes most every current, emerging or evolving role within an organization. By featuring leaders and emerging leaders across industries who embody this we hope to collectively 'stand up', be proud of our place in the digital world and inspire young women or those new to the 'tech space' to get involved.