Meg Reed

Tell us your story.

One of my first jobs was working on the edge of the digital world - pre-Internet and global connectivity. I was hired to support a government client in the areas of administrative, personnel, and facility security. There weren’t as many people who started directly in computer or information security as there are today. Many of us began our careers doing something else, often completely unrelated to the field. Once we started on the path though, it led to further, more in-depth opportunities. A colleague I had known in the military recommended me for my next position in computer and information security . This ended up being the perfect next step because the security field has exploded with opportunities.

Since my first job in security, I have worked for several companies and supported various clients to assist them in meeting their unique system security requirements. I like detailed work that requires analysis and providing solutions for a customer. Thankfully, I have had many mentors and supporters who pulled me along throughout my career. They made me realize that asking a lot of questions and getting involved in different aspects of the job make me a more well-rounded employee.

What do you most want other women and young girls to know about being a woman in our digital culture?

I don’t consider myself a pure techie, although I feel right at home working with technical people in technical environments. I’ve learned that there are countless aspects to the digital/cyber world. I would want others starting out to know that they can fit into more than just one niche. New avenues open up every day. Even if you don’t consider yourself a heavy hitting technical resource, as long as you have a strong desire to play a part, you can find one. And along the way, you actually do pick up more technical expertise than you realize. I also hope that someday there won’t really be a need to highlight ‘Women in Tech’ – that it won’t be at all unusual!

The Women in Tech campaign exists to help redefine what women in technology means in the 21st century. Started independently by a group of professional women who, after many impassioned discussions about women in tech knew we wanted to expand this definition beyond 'traditional' technology skills. To us, it includes most every current, emerging or evolving role within an organization. By featuring leaders and emerging leaders across industries who embody this we hope to collectively 'stand up', be proud of our place in the digital world and inspire young women or those new to the 'tech space' to get involved.